mardi, septembre 26, 2006

Take it eeeaaaasy

"Se la couler douce" in french

@ the Texas Union terrace

Listening to Phoenix, Long Distance Call

Look at me

How look Parisians in the subway? They don't usually show a happy face. They probably wish they would not be there, suffocating in the wagons running feet under the ground.

People in a hurry, sexshops, tourists, narrow streets, cafés. Sprinkle with art.
No doubt, it's Paris.

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dimanche, septembre 24, 2006

Street art festival

Every year at this time, there is a festival for three days at 20 minutes away from where I live. It's in Cergy, one of the biggest city closeby...after Paris obviously.
This guy is part of a team of six. They want people to make a generous donation: their sound!
Called "Don du Son", which is a playword with another "don" pronounced almost the same : "Don du Sang" (= "Blood Donation"), the guys on stage call out to people and enable them to view their daily devices (vacuum cleaner, sweeper, dead leaves, can of beer, hosepipe...) differently... with their ears.

It's funny to see the kids' amazed faces.

mercredi, septembre 20, 2006

Alors Marcel, tu tires ou tu pointes?

Back from the US, I got a craving for rediscovering my country. Great challenge especially in less than a week. I picked the south of France, a trip back to the roots somehow.
I let you have a look through my lens...

dimanche, septembre 10, 2006

France !!

Back home,
Me and my bro Paul.
A familiar place - my home, my country - welcomes me. A different color, everything looks the same, but I'm not. I walk with small steps, curious about what's going to happen next.
Turn the page...

D.lighted C.rush

Hanging around in DC, I wanted the Capitol in...Pink!!! Like the Austin one.
Peace activists are scattered the White House and the Capitol. Big big push for pulling the troops out of Iraq.

I also visited the Holocaust Museum, I was drawn after that. It sucked my energy to visit any other one. After seeing people slaughtered in masses, and thinking about what's going on today, you just wanna...lay down in the green grass laugh at people who think their life is miserable.
Baltimore, the wind in our hair. Last american taste.

Going away party

Some pics of last Tuesday's going away party over my appartment.

Laurent & I, in purple

Angelo, please come soon I can't resist your lovely accent when you speak in french!

What's up?????????????????? Paulina, in dreams.

vendredi, septembre 08, 2006

Vanishing dream

This is probably the last post… of my journey in the US. I am heading back to France tomorrow, Saturday 9th of September.

I had a blast with my people I met there.

It is gonna stay engraved in my mind like a scar you cherish.
It's just an "au revoir". A bientot you'all.