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L'accent français : avantage ou inconvénient à Hollywood?

"Changer des rôles de James Bond Girl"

Florence Tung, jeune actrice française à Los Angeles. Son accent la cantonne à certains rôles dont elle aimerait bien s'émanciper.

Kelly Reiter, coach d'accent américain à ReelEnglishCoach pour acteurs à Los Angeles.

"The voice is just a tool".

Kelly Reiter believes that an American voice- that is an American accent - can be turned on or off depending on the circumstances. It should be a tool, nothing else. The accent is part of a set of tools that include the intonation, the behavior, the tact and other cultural details that will make you appear American or not. She teaches all of that.

"The big fat American vowels"

"The mindset for foreign actors in Hollywood"

Foreign aspiring actors - particularly French ones - face a big paradox when they arrive in Hollywood. They try to sell themselves - to a manager or at an audition - explaining where they come from. The American mindset doesn't care about your history. It cares about who you are now - what you are capable of doing. 

Charles Fathy, acteur français à Hollywood depuis 15 ans. Fondateur de l'entreprise de doublage Encore Voices. Selon lui, l'accent peut être surpassé par le talent d'acteur.

"La personnalité fait la différence"

Susan Rumor is a voice and dialect coach at ArtistOneProductions in Hollywood. She says it is essential for any French actor to learn a standard American accent - or at least get their accent reduced - so that they can be understood in the film they play a role in. She coached Marion Cotillard for the film Public Enemies and she warns that actresses like her have the opportunity to play big parts (roles) because they are already famous in their home country.

"We want to be able to understand you in the film"

Being a dialect coach, Susan Rumor explains there are many American accents. New York accent, Southern accent, Midwest accents to name a few. Here are some examples - can you tell the difference?

Bonus: at the end of this interview, you can hear the voice of an auctioneer talking really fast, also known as "bid calling". It cracks me up!

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