vendredi, février 03, 2012

Tilt shift photography

I just got my hands on a tilt shift lens and went around experimenting with it in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Clinton Hill. This lens is a marvel. It makes things look dreamy, out of time, and miniature-like - it is famously known for that. This video is one of thousands showing this effect:

Here are a few pictures that I took the other day.

All these pictures are actually stills from video. I really like fast-forwarding the end-result footage.

This photo was taken on Myrtle avenue in Clinton Hill. A beautiful neighborhood, much more diverse than the one I currently live in (Cobble Hill).

Those stairs leading up to brownstones are absolutely everywhere in Brooklyn. I love the perspective and the shiny black ramps.

These last two pictures don't come from using the tilt shift. It's just a very sharp portrait lens that gives you a beautiful depth of field.

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