jeudi, décembre 21, 2006

Gorgeous Deaths

Mourir ? Oui mais pas de n'importe quoi. Daniela Edburg a photographié des victimes de morts douces: par M&M's, Oreos ou autres barbes à papa. Même Weight Watchers! Farfelu? Pas tant que ça... Jugez plutôt.
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La photographe nous ramène à nos excès alimentaires : on ouvre la boîte et on ne s'arrête plus...
³It¹s not really about the products, but the relationship
of love and then hate that we have with them. When you look
at a beautiful package of Oreos
everything is new and shiny
and attractive, and there is the promise of the sweetness
and the pleasure, and then you go and open it and eat
it and all
you have are a stomachache, crumbs and garbage.²
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Anonyme a dit…

I have always associated Oreos with childhood pleasures. Childhood wonder of Oreo's is something adults have lost.
For a kid their is no stomach-ache, crumbs or garbage.