lundi, février 05, 2007

Always very neatly shaven

Qu'est-ce qu'un YUP? ou Yuppie? ou yuppies?
Regardez plutôt dans le Urban Dictionary, une mine de définitions en anglais slang (argot) alimentées par les internautes eux-mêmes. Voici ce que j'ai trouvé pour YUP:

Young Urban Person

People in their early till late twenties, who have made bucks

in business with sheer luck (mostly during the internet

hype in the late 90ties).

Can be recognized standing in bars boring the shit out

of most good looking woman and/or bragging about

there just bought second hand porsche or leased Audi A4.

They are mostly neatly dressed in suits with their hair

glued into shape with too much wax/hairgel and some

dandruff residing on their shoulders. Always very

neatly shaven and their skin as clean and smooth

as their pimples allow it to be.

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Corey a dit…

very funny:}